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Do Not Try This Either! Make your own delicious smoothie.

Explanation of the origin of the word "nerd". (put on bio page)
Donate to SmoothieNerd, so that he can buy more organic fruits and veggies to entertain you. (sbps button) DID YOU KNOW ... 10,000 gallons of crude oil seep naturally into the Santa Barbara Channel every day! Take the next tour.

The Nerd of Smoothies!

If you are not taking enough Ritalin to follow those noisy 14-minute videos pushing $500 blenders, then check out how SmoothieNerd makes delicious, healthy smoothies in minutes with any blender. Remember, this is only for your entertainment, and DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! No, no, no!


After sports and stressful situations, massage may also help your body recover and return to stasis. After sharing a romantic smoothie, learn how to perform manual massage therapy on yourself or your partner:
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